ABOUT US

Since 2019, Dreams Catchers Education, a non profit organization strives to motivate  and drive our students to pursue a better future and make the world a better place. 

Dream Catchers Education invited  professional and leading scientists, private college counselor, SAT experts, and successful alumni in different majors to share their knowledge and expertise with driven  adolescents to support students'  college application process equally. 


The purpose of  Dream Catchers  Education is to empower all students equally  with mentor and tutor resources and opportunities,  enrich students with college admission and career development information with expert coaching and peers sharing . We are devoted  to  breaking the glass ceiling for all  students and to extend  better education opportunities to underrepresented students.



Charlie is founder and president of Dream Catchers Education. He is passionate about aviation and computer science with a dream to explore the intersection between Artificial Intelligence technology and the aviation industry.

He enjoys sailing, flying airplanes, cooking and playing rugby.

Charlie has been programming in C++ and Python since grade 5 and has been coaching computer science, MATLAB, IB and AP, and competing in quantum computer.

Charlie is a caring individual who is passionate about extending opportunities equally to all students. He was a Hong Kong well-being ambassador for mental health non-profit organization and House Captain with dedication to serving his community. 


I found over 80% of high school students have no inspiration for their dreams and do not know how to achieve dreams nor how to pursue academic or career success.  You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

At 2019 I  took the initiative to start Dream Catchers Education in HK and then in USA 2021 that strives to provide information, mentorship, and opportunity for all students. I have devoted myself ever since to serve my community with great  information, resources and free tutoring among different seconday middle schools and high schools .

Our highschool has students from 50 ethnic backgrounds, many are from under-represented backgrounds.  

Dream Catchers Education’s mission is to inspire students to achieve their dreams, enlighten them on a variety of professions, and mentor and develop skills in the field that they are truly passionate about through providing a platform with centralized resources to help achieve each student’s dream.

Contact us :

Email:  dreamcatchers.website@gmail.com

Tel: 7866085340